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A Christmas Theme for your Taplist

For those of you using our fullscreen taplist, we've created a Christmas 2020 theme to brighten up your BrewBoard over the holidays. You can access it via the new theme browser we’ve been working on (click the cog icon, then "Themes", on your BrewBoard).

If you use it and like it, please do share pics of your setup with us (and let us know if we can feature them on our site)!

More themes on the way

For the last 6 weeks or so, we've been focused on building out the theming capability for our fullscreen taplists. As well as the Christmas theme above, we're also rolling out our first Pro theme today, called The Lounge, available in several configurations.

Access to this new theme requires a Homebrew Pro subscription, which you can buy on a monthly or annual basis. As well as allowing you to use this and future themes, your subscription will help us maintain and grow BrewBoard in the future.

We've plenty more themes, features and fun functionality in the pipeline - so if you can subscribe and support us now, we'd really appreciate it!

In case you missed it

In response to requests from a few people we added the ability to delete brews (there's a link at the bottom of the brew details page). In general, we recommend marking brews as finished once the keg kicks, so you keep a record of past brews. But noq you can delete too, in case you've added something by mistake.


More Social: Comments and Notifications

When I hacked together the first version of BrewBoard.app a year ago (first code commit was Sunday October 20, 2019), I had in mind a shareable take on the traditional chalk board. Before long, that vision developed a bit from not just shareable to social. So it's fitting that we're celebrating the anniversary of that first code commit by rolling out our most social feature to date.

A couple of weeks ago, we added the ability for anyone, brewer or drinker, to comment on individual brews, allowing them to add feedback and reviews and to discuss recipes and taste. Today we added real time notifications and a notification inbox so you can catch up on what's been happening on your board since your last visit.

We hope that these additions will be a solid underpinning for BrewBoard.app to become a place where beer talk happens, and where the sharing that's part of brewing culture can continue beyond the last sip. We've several ideas for developing this moving forward - but we're also keen to see what you make of it. We look forward to nudging this in a direction which fosters friendly and constuctive community around our favourite drink and hobby.

(Oh - as part of this we've also published our terms of service which includes some general content guidelines aimed at making sure that we have a baseline for good community behaviour.)


Optional QR Code Page

Quick update and a note today.

Firstly, in response to a few requests and comments, there's now an option in Board Settings to turn off the QR code page which displays as part of the fullscreen BrewBoard rotation.

If you do turn it off, don't forget that you can always turn it on again at any time. Useful if you have friends over, so they can easily pull up your BrewBoard on their phones.

Secondly, in our previous post we mentioned that our Brewfather import now supports batches as well as recipes. Note that whether you see recipes or batches or both is determined by the permissions you grant when you create your api key at Brewfather. So, if you granted only Read Recipes permission when you set up your key, you would need to destroy and recreate the key with Read Recipes and Read Batches access scope to have access to both recipes and batches.


Theme Update - More Beer

A number of brewers have asked about being able to show more brews per screen on the fullscreen taplist. From today, you can do that.

In your board preferences (accessible from the cog menu, top-right on your BrewBoard) you can switch from our default Trio theme to the new Trio Compact variant. And your taplist will start displaying up to 8 brews per screen. (Of course there is still no limit to the number of screens it will page through)

This is the first step on a longer journey to provide more varied and customizable themes for the big screen. But hopefully it will make things more comfortable for some of you immediately.

While you're here...

Some other updates we've rolled out this month, in case you missed them:


Fullscreen Ahead

It's been a big week at BrewBoard. A month or so of work came together in a batch of updates which together move our product closer to our vision of a chalk-board for the modern age. So what better time to plant the seed of this blog.

BrewBoard.app started as a simple project to scratch a brewer's itch - a way to get a BrewBoard on a phone. Lockdown gave us the opportunity to focus more time and attention on the budding project. And as we started adding features, we found a growing tension between presenting a clean, simple taplist and exploring the more enhance BrewBoard functionality which a phone/table/computer allows.

Our latest release finally resolves that tension by introducing a dedicated fullscreen mode.

This means that on the phone and computer we have much more freedom to explore the interactive and social possibilities of the BrewBoard. To that end we've updated the look and feel, enhanced the data presented and provided access to past brews as well as current ones.

But tap the fullscreen button, and your BrewBoard transforms into a taplist laid out for big screen, non-interactive displays. There's no limit on the number of brews it shows; and it updates in realtime as you make changes to the BrewBoard from other devices. For now it uses our original Trio theme - but we'll be adding more themes soon, along with numerous options for customisation.

We've got plenty more planned for the future - and we'll keep you updated on the latest changes here.