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Christmas Theme 2021 and Non-SRM Brew Colours

It's December again. We're heading towards the end of another challenging year. But Christmas is in the air, and we want to be part of celebrating that with all the home and pro brewers using our platform. So please welcome to our Christmas 2021 theme, designed to brighten up your BrewBoard.

This theme is free for all - so head over to our themes page and try it on today. a

Not All Beers are Beer-coloured

While SRM is the most used model for specifying beer colours, it does have it's limits. If your brew isn't a shade of yellow/brown/black, then you're out of luck. It's not unusual these days for beers to fall outside the SRM scale. And we've seen that some of our BrewBoard brewers are brewing such beers. Beyond this, quite a few of our brewers are listing non-beers drinks on their BrewBoards - think seltzers and pre-mixed cocktails.

To support these cases, you now have the option of choosing a custom colour for your brew. The default setting remains SRM, as this covers the most common cases. But with a single click you can switch to a colour picker which allows you to choose an arbitrary colour to match your brew.

By the way, if you want to specify no color for a brew, you can do that by using SRM and leaving the field blank.