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Faster, Smoother and Searchable

Our updates in recent months have focused on the big screen. It's been really cool seeing some of you putting our new fullscreen themes into action. But most of my own use of BrewBoard happens on smaller screens. Sometimes at my computer, but mainly on my phone. And, truth be told, it had been a while since we made improvements to the small screen, interactive side of things. Well, that just changed.

Today we're releasing the third and biggest overhaul of how BrewBoard works on your phone, tablet and computer.

As we started this development back in June, we had a few goals in mind. The first was to make the list view more easily scannable. Particularly on phones, we wanted to see more brews with less noise. I think we've achieved that with a more compact "card" design for each brew, and some layout changes to make better us of space.

Secondly, we wanted more speed and a smoother flow between views. When I click a brew to see more details, I want those details now! And when moving back and forward between a list and brew details, I don't want to lose my place in the list. We've rearchitected how things work to achieve this.

Finally, we wanted to be able to search brews. That's now possible - the realtime search allows you to find brews by name, style or batch number (As someone who labels bottles with batch numbers, I'll be using this a lot).

So, next time you log in to BrewBoard, you'll see some changes. We're hoping you'll like them and enjoy the speedier, slicker feel the application has. But if you find any problems, or have any suggestions, please do let us know.